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Welcome to Simple Attractions Beads & Jewelry

Browse our collection of unique jewelry and bead collections hand made in Southern California. Each of our items are one-off unique pieces in our Simply Attractive style.

If there is anything you are looking for that you don't see:

  • A certain color
  • A certain style
  • A combination of 2 (or more) things you see here
Just send us an email! One way or another we'll see if we can make what you're looking for.

Unless we specifically note it, all of the glass elements are hand formed in a flame, one at a time by us. Each jewelry piece is created and assembled one at a time, often with major elements made from basic wire stock. We use 925 silver, pure copper, Swarovski crystal elements, pewter, all types of materials and elements. We will never, ever misrepresent anything we sell.

In a nutshell our beads and jewelry are not made by an employee, contractor or factory but directly by us, jewelry designers and glass artists.

                                                                                -Jim & Donna